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The Sleeping Colonel
And now that I checked - it's been FOUR years since I've posted here! O.o

Somehow, it didn't really feel so long. I can recollect lots of things almost completely!
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It's a vicious circle.
Sanzo &lt;3
Or so it seems. I keep coming back here every few months, inspite of everything else. The past couple of times were just flying visits to some of my favorite communities, but this time, I feel like staying for a while at least. Hopefully, a few months. But again, considering the next six months are going to be the most heavily loaded in the past four years, it's gonna be a long shot. Well, I've been advised to practice as much multi-tasking as possible. =) So why not put in some time here as well? After all, the outputs are much more satisfying when I'm amongst similar minded people.

So. There would be pages ( and more, maybe ) to write if I were to put down everything that has happened since I was last active here. Crunch is - I'm in my last year of graduation, and while I pursued an engineering degree in Information & Technology, I feel more at home with illustrating and designing. Hence, I've decided to pursue creating art as a career. =) Being a novice, it's lots of fun conceptualizing innovative ideas and carrying them out to the sketchboard. And though I might be a bit good at sketching, I currently suck at painting. -_- I'm going to start learning it from next month, once I get adjusted to my current schedule of juggling work, college and studies. I also plan to learn swimming, alongwith practicing the violin and guitar. Let's see how much I'm really able to accomplish in the coming months, heh.

Alright, I gotta run. The office has already emptied out, and we're leaving too now, I think. I'm yet to take some backups to improve upon at home.

Sanzo layout!~
Sanzo &lt;3
I finally completed it!!~ *yay* Actually, I'd start working on it just last night, but for two times in a row, I worked for about half an hour and then the lights went out. And just because I'm that stupid, I did not save even after it had happened once. -_-

But... it's looks really good now, so I'm happy I pursued making it. *squeals at finally having Sanzo on her journal page* And and... I managed to squeeze in a bit of 393 on the module headers. Didn't really put in any effort there, but it's okay as this is simply Sanzo ( and Konzen, lol ), and I could always make another dedicated 393 layout. ( And I love the way I managed to arrange the background to show Sanzo's closed eye on the left and opened one on the right!<3 )

Also, I would like to say a thanks to xjeremiadx at aarin, who made the original colored renders of the images I've used above. ( Yes, I know I recolored them a bit, hon, hope you don't mind it. :-) ) I really should put up a resources-credit post up now... jus that it would too long to collect all the links. >.<

... back to more graphic-making now! Hopefully, I'll be able to complete a set or two, watch some anime, get some much-needed sleep and get back to studies by night. Hee!

Btw, I've got the Saiyuki Reload's latest chapter's ( the Ukoku-kicks-Sanzo's-ass one~ ) translations done by a friend. Still to clean it up a bit, maybe I'll post it sometime late evening tonight.

PS : It looks like the visitor map does work. I was kinda doubting its functioning before. Good for me! ^_^

TRC Ficlet - Trapped in a Library
Title : Trapped in a Library
Rating : GEN
Genre : General/Romance
Word Count : 1184
Disclaimer : Don't own TRC. Wonder why anbody would think that?
Warning : Very much unbeta-ed. Wrote it in around twenty minutes. And lots of fluff.
Notes : Written around an year ago for my board tests, lol. Surprisingly, they marked me high even though I wrote BL. xD But yeah, a bit crappy writing below-- I cringed myself when I read it today. Edited some mistakes, but is still mostly raw.

Fay? Smile for me?Collapse )

So... hope it wasn't that sucking, lol. I at least managed to write a pretty much coherent story in twenty minutes, hence I'll let this pass. xD

Happy Birthday Goku!~
Sanzo &lt;3
Wishing him a fantabulous birthday! ♥ ( Now only if I knew how many years old was he getting this year, lol. )

Here's something to celebrate it :

Let's... sleep? ( A bit on the shinier side ) - 1024 x 768 px - Can anybody recognise the meatbuns? xD I worked hard to make them look like meatbuns.

It's a wallpaper I've made for a soon-to-be art fest at AarinFantasy, and I would hope the Aarin people on my flist will not snag it from here. It will be put up there because I just do not have enough time to make something for our darling Goku and I wanted to put up something! So, I'm sorry, but please get it there when the fest starts. ^__^

Let me know how it is, people!~ n__n And please leave a comment if you are going to take it. I would just like to know just how many people might like it, lol.

TRC Oneshot - The theory of Perception
Dedicated to my lovely sister for her seventeenth birthday.

Happy Birthday, hon!~ May you have the loveliest coming year. ^_^

Series : Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Title : The theory of Perception
Genre : Reflective / Drama
Pairing : Kurogane / Fay
Word Count : 2030
Warnings : May contain a bit of spoilers if you have not read till the current chapters. And un-beta-ed. So all mistakes are solely mine.
Disclaimer : TRC belongs to CLAMP in its entirety.
Notes : Alternate Reality. Some of the facts might not be entirely correct. I was in a hurry to write this out and thus, did not bother to cross check them.

Hope you like it, sis!~ :-) You really disturbed me a whole lot while I was typing this out, y'know. Next time, I'm so not gonna be signed in when I write anything. xD

But really, I hope this was okay. It has been really quite long I wrote out a story, and the flow kept breaking for me. Thankfully, I was able to complete it before 12 am, lol.

Another poem - on maths this time xD
Sanzo &lt;3
Back with another one-- yeah, I just got inspired after days of studying the same thing. ^^ ( And look, I can still put up a happy face. xD )


Math - The Harbinger of Insanity

People say that it starts with a dot,
I say-- it were just some poor sheep.
Counting them till midnight,
lulled me to sweet sleep.

Soon enough, the counting stretched to daytime,
and the nightmare began.
Curiousity piped up at first though,
but the dance of the numbers was the next number.

Variables abound, equations making shapes,
formulae sprouting all over, constants rot( t )ing in my mind.
Pages after pages of notes filled with black ink,
going on about dots smaller than a drop of the same ink.

Different variations of the same numbers,
some real, some point, some even imaginary;
and infinity not being one of them,
even when referred to as one.

Theorems abound everywhere--
fearing your proofs might just turn to spoofs.
Newton played to his whims for an year or two,
and we suffer for eons to fathom functions.

Limiting things to infinity,
and still searchin' for absolution.
Breaking things down to delta
and forming them again, just for the sake of it.

Learnt the strength of the Fibonacci,
spiraling outward to balance shapes.
Crunched figures from standard deviation,
And used regression for correlating.

Trying hard each time
to achieve another roundabout way;
plotting the knowledge out
might have just made it easy.

I wonder if it really was that complex,
or was it plain and simple
addition, yeah, just addition,
all the time?


I kind of... really liked this one. O_o I think... now I should write one on Chemistry too, lol. Hope the terms weren't difficult to get? >_< ( I'd refer to my math books for a bit of jargon. xD Though I still find it conspicuously lacking in it. -_- )
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An Autumn Journey - Freeverse Poem
Kid L
I'll admit, I was really amused with the sub-title at kispexi2 's page when I was browsing around yesterday, and soon after, I saw this awesome pic of Sanzo with all the rose petals falling around him. Most probably, that was my motivation to write this piece. Sooo... with a bit motivation and a lot of boredom, I penned down another of my musings. I don't like the title a lot, but I simply couldn't post it without one, yeah? O_o

Here it is :


An Autumn Journey

Drifting in the soft breeze,
I quiver for a moment
but do not halt in my path.

Slowly but stealthily I move,
my subconscious silently aiming
for that end of the road.

A slight shiver creeps up my back
reminding me the reason of my journey,
or is it just the phlegmatic season?

Maybe just to engage myself,
I ask the ultimate question--
is this the end? Or the beginning?

I don't bother with an answer,
because the exhiliration I feel right now
is much more interesting than it all.

On my way I get going again;
I maybe just a falling leaf,
but hey, I'm falling in style.


Hahah, I tried to do it the Haiku/Senryuu way, but simply couldn't stick to the 5-7-5 syllable structure. So, the final product turned out like a parody, with seemingly detached stanzas, but yeah, definitely a freeverse. xD Hope it doesn't seem too odd. -_- Btw, is it okay to use the word 'phlegmatic' for a season? And people, please point out any grammatical errors-- I know I make a lot.

For a rant now :

Can somebody please help me with LJ cuts? I just can't seem to get them!! >w< Actually, I need someone to kick my ass, and tell me to change my LJ layout and header soon enough, too. :D It's so old-ish... and it's not even black!


Symmetry or Complementary
Sanzo &lt;3
Symmetry. That's what people usually call perfect; even beautiful. The circle of lights shimmering in a lake, the rhyme of lyrics, or the two halves of an apple-- all of these are symmetrical, and appear to be complete. They have always been admired for the feeling of fullness they project, and are even said to be lacking in refinement when they are treated as individual objects rather than an encapsuled element. Symmetry is a phenomenon which one can find all around oneself. The earth itself is so, its geoid shape taken into consideration. The random book on a table, the lined up planting of the garden beds, the staircase upto a classroom, even the arranged seats in a bus. People definitely prefer symmetry to disorganised systems, and thus, the perpetual examples of the former spread throughout the whole place.

I do not exactly disagree with this opinion; symmetry is very important for the feeling of comprehensiveness. But I do beg to differ that it is not symmetry that makes the world as beautiful as it is. Unknowingly, or better put, sub-consciously, people intend to choose the elements as such that they complement each other. Of course, most would not agree of even thinking about something like this, but hey, ever wondered why the gleaming lights look so pretty on the dark surface of the lake? Why are lyrics usually written with a dividing line in between two rhymed ones? Why the apples look as much delicious as they are redder on the outside and whiter on the inside? Black with white, red with green, violet with gold, orange with blue, lime with teal-- the colors say it all. As contrasting they might be from each other, they look just equally wonderful together. And this theory does not limit to colors or lines, it extends to ideas and innovations as well. For example, I was telling my cousin about my view on life and death just the other day, that life would be meaningless if there is no death. Though contradictory to each other, their existences are not self-exclusive. That's what makes living life so cool, rather that's what leads to the coinage of the phrase - ' living life '. It cannot be appreciated if there is no knowledge of an end to it. This is what I call beautiful. Beautiful in its very being, and not its solitude.

There is, of course, the reasoning that this theory will fail if there might be no symmetry. This might be true to quite an extent, as the basis for completeness will always be symmetry, rather than a complementary explanation. But this should not lead to the conclusion that the latter factor could be conveniently ignored, as that would surely result in an outcome a shade worse than it could have been. This is about all I wish to express about the under-estimated powers of complementing things. Co-existence and co-evolution, or even symbiosis, is the way we all survive. If we can identify it to some extent in our biological environment, why not apply the same concept to life? It might not be that difficult, considering the fundamentals have already been ingrained within us. We just have to broaden our visions, believe in them, and start implementing our ideas in our daily lives. Maybe one day, we might be able to understand each other, and the world around us. Maybe one day, the world again would be as beautiful as we have always envisioned it.

Boy ! Don't mess with Hilary or Kai !
Sanzo &lt;3
Series : Beyblade
Title : Boy! Don't mess with Hilary or Kai!
Rating : GEN
Genre : Humour/General
Disclaimer : No own.
Word Count : 4774
Notes : One of my earliest stories. ^__^ It's really oddly written, now that I read it again.

Hope it was worth a read, lol.


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